Book a ticket and
go on your road trip

Various options

Vehicle selection, large space
can meet the travel needs of various groups;

Comfortable seat, clear view outside the window
Let you relax after the exhaustion of travel.

Enjoy the trip

Sunny day, beautiful scenery
The warm sun shines on the body from the window;

You don't have to worry about the troubles of life at this time,
You can enjoy the moment to the fullest,
enjoy the scenery along the way.

We may not be the choice you are familiar with,
but if you need chartered car service,
you can try to contact us.

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Let's rent a bus

For a group trip, you can't do without a bus! We can provide you with various types of buses, just a phone call, we will be ready for you immediately. If you need to contact us please call: 13789017777(China) +64 21485678(New Zealand). We are waiting to serve you...

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